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Sheridan Animal Hospital

Dr. Sherry Teegardin

Let's shine a light on Sheridan Animal Hospital in Sheridan, Michigan. Shaped by the unwavering dedication and guidance of Dr. Sherry Teegardin, this spacious, full-service sanctuary for pets epitomizes compassionate veterinary care within this small town and across neighboring communities. With a team of two full-time and two part-time veterinarians, personalized attention is ensured for every pet – reinforcing the hospital's ethos of family-like care.

The hospital is a trusted name in comprehensive veterinary services, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology. It offers a full spectrum of services including medical, emergency, and surgical care while driven by a mission to provide exceptional care with genuine warmth – ensuring every client and furry companion feels valued.

Underscoring her dedication to her craft, vision, staff, and clients, Dr. Teegardin knew she needed a well-planned exit strategy. She was ready to transition into a flexible and lower-paced role that allowed her to still do what she loves. The led her to explore selling her practice to a like-minded partner who would maintain her vision along with the hospital’s dedicated staff and standard of care into the future.  Despite her efforts to arrange a private sale to internal candidates, Dr. Teegardin was left without a buyer, so she decided to use a broker. “I was concerned that my lack of knowledge could lead to failing to meet my long-term vision for the practice and a painful transition for clients and staff. I wanted to avoid that at all costs,” Dr. Teegardin shared. She also knew she didn’t have the time to vet and negotiate with myriad prospective buyers.

Through recommendations from colleagues, Dr. Teegardin found a reliable broker in 360 Vet Sales and CEO Matt Arena, whose expertise and guidance seamlessly navigated the complex sales process.

“Matt made all of it straightforward and tolerable. He was friendly, empathetic, responsive and able to get ahead of pitfalls I never would have foreseen without him. I know that the financial sale was much more profitable for both me and my staff because he was my broker,” Dr. Teegardin shared.

After considering several offers, Dr. Teegardin sold her practice to Western Veterinary Partners (WVP). The move ensures the practice’s small-town essence will not be sacrificed, and Dr. Teegardin's visionary leadership and superb standard of care will continue to benefit pet owners in the area for years to come. She described the post-sale transition as “excellent,” and WVP has been a supportive partner of Dr. Teegardin’s commitment to "saying yes to pets.”

360 Vet Sales loved playing a role in the ongoing success of this alliance. Cheers to Sheridan Animal Hospital and to the continuation of top-notch care for pets and their families in Sheridan and the surrounding communities!

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