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At Home Animal Hospital

Dr. Danielle Dewey-Huston

Aloha! As we enter 2024, we are thrilled to share a wonderful client success story from the heart of Maui, Since 2008, Dr. Danielle Dewey and Hospital Administrator Coe Huston  have been the proud visionaries behind a premier veterinary hospital in beautiful downtown Kahului.

Driven by a deep commitment to compassionate pet care, Dr. Dewey and Coe started At Home Animal Hospital, a one-veterinarian mobile practice that eventually evolved into a state-of-the art full-service, three-veterinarian animal hospital offering medical, surgical, dental, emergency, and laboratory services. A beacon of excellence in the community, At Home Animal Hospital is widely recognized for its cutting-edge facilities and top-notch veterinary services on the island of Maui.

Their journey took an exciting turn in 2023 when they decided to sell the hospital. Various factors contributed to this decision, including the increased stress of running a veterinary business, changing office dynamics, and the challenge of retaining talent in an industry facing increasingly high turnover.

Recognizing the need for a change, they set out to find a broker that could help them navigate the sales process. As Coe put it, “We chose to use a broker because we knew we would be negotiating against highly experienced professionals. We needed someone on our side that could speak their language, understand the numbers, and create a competitive marketplace for our practice.”

After assessing several brokers, Dr. Dewey and Coe ultimately chose to partner with 360 Vet Sales, becasue founder and CEO, Matt Arena, demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of their unique challenges and goals.

"Matt just got it from the beginning - understanding what we were struggling with and what we needed. Because he had operated his own small businesses, he could relate to my goals, pain points, and the nuances of running a practice. And as an accountant negotiating against other accountants, Matt not only had a detailed understanding of how to identify all the value points in our practice, but he was also able to negotiate offers that reflected that value. Most importantly, he was honest, smart, and thoughtful and instantly made us feel comfortable. He didn’t charge any money up front and didn’t lock us into any long-term commitments, ensuring that our success and his success were tied together. In the end, he paid for himself. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.” - Coe Huston

After going through a sales process with several prospective suitors, Dr. Dewey and Coe ultimately sold their practice to VetCor, a partner that shared their commitment to compassionate pet care. They felt confident VetCor would safeguard At Home Animal Hospital’s legacy, culture, and high standards of care for years to come. From an operational perspective, they also appreciated VetCor’s model, which allows them to continue to run the practice with a high level of autonomy, yet with access to robust support and resources that a small business wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

The transition has had a profound and positive impact on their lives. With reduced stress levels, more time to enjoy family and friends, financial flexibility, and the freedom to embark on proper vacations, he and Dr. Dewey couldn’t be happier.

We at 360 Vet Sales are humbled to be a small part of their ongoing journey. Cheers to Dr. Dewey, Coe Huston, and the continued excellence at At Home Animal Hospital!

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