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What Makes 360 Vet Sales Different

We take a 360 approach to the work we do, providing value from multiple angles that you won't get anywhere else. We have experience working all sides of buy-sell agreements and come to the table with well-rounded and practical expertise. We work with a lot of buyers, which means we can find the right one for you and negotiate a better deal.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that your practice is your baby. You have put years of blood, sweat and tears into turning it into a successful business. While we know what we bring to the table is valuable, we don't believe we should take a 10% commission for our services like many of our competitors do. In the end, we will get you more for your practice and take less of it in fees.

We Know How Private Equity Firms Think

This is not our first rodeo. Our firsthand experience means we know how private equity firms think, what they look for, and what they want to accomplish. We also understand what factors they consider when creating valuation models and know how to speak their language when arguing for increases. 

We Own an Accounting Firm & Have Deep Understanding of Financials

Before we can go to market with your vet clinic, you need to have clean financials. Buyers who uncover even the slightest error in your bookkeeping will immediately sense risk and decrease their offer. We have the knowledge to evaluate your accounting up front, fix any potential issues, and ensure smooth sailing during the deal. 

We Know What It Takes To Own A Business

As business owners ourselves, we understand the hard work, sleepless nights, and sense of pride that come with the job. We also know the importance of finding the right partner and handling the sale with delicacy and clear communication. As your partner in this process, we will treat your business as if it were our own.

We Know How To Create Accurate Valuations

Our background in finance give us an edge at reading financial statements and understanding the nuances of the valuation process. We will tell you what you can expect to sell your vet practice for up front too. We can also back up our claim since our valuations have a greater than 95% track record of accuracy. 

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What We Do

Packaging your practice, knowing its value, and negotiating the best deal possible is stressful. Staying on top of all the necessary details of a sale can be overwhelming too. But good news: this is our specialty. We will handle all the details from start to finish so the entire process is as smooth as possible. Our goal is for you to get higher multiples so you can move on to the next stage of your life knowing you received the best return on investment possible for your years of hard work.

At 360 Vet Sales, we understand this is your life's work. We won't rest until you close on the best offer for your veterinary practice. And until the sale is concluded, you can keep doing what you love with confidence that you will have everything you want once the transition is complete.

If you own an animal clinic, hospital, or specialty practice with two or more DVMs and are considering an exit, your timing is excellent. With lower overhead costs, an easier process, higher valuations, and down-to-earth input, 360 Vet Sales is the team you want by your side.

Praise for 360 Vet Sales

What Our Clients Say

Matt just got it from the beginning - understanding what we were struggling with and what we needed. Because he had operated his own small businesses, he could relate to my goals, pain points, and the nuances of running a practice. And as an accountant negotiating against other accountants, Matt not only had a detailed understanding of how to identify all the value points in our practice, but he was also able to negotiate offers that reflected that value. Most importantly, he was honest, smart, and thoughtful and instantly made us feel comfortable. He didn’t charge any money up front and didn’t lock us into any long-term commitments, ensuring that our success and his success were tied together. In the end, he paid for himself. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Coe Huston
Hospital Administrator

If you’re even considering selling your veterinary practice, I highly recommend Matthew Arena and 360 Vet Sales. He was easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the sales process from both sides. He patiently and thoroughly explained the details I would need to understand to make an informed decision from start to finish. He gave great advice and helped me secure a very lucrative deal. Definitely 5/5 stars!

Sherry Teegardin, DVM

I was referred to Matthew Arena and 360 Vet Sales by a friend who used Matt to sell his practice. My friend had nothing but wonderful things to say about Matt and his help through the whole process, and I can't do anything but follow with the same. Matt made the entire process smooth. I was able to reach numerous buyers with an ad that Matthew created announcing the practice for sale. Initially we had 7 interested parties, and finally, after about 45 days (due to a late-entering party, otherwise it would have been closer to 30 days), I had 5 offers. I met in person with 3 different buyers, and it was through these meetings I realized Matt is not only liked but he is also respected. For me, this not only added peace of mind it also added value to working with Matt. The decision came down to 2 buyers, and Matt was able to negotiate an even better sales price than what was initially presented. If I had to do it again, or if I ever have to do it in the future, I absolutely would use Matt to sell a practice and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. 

Kelly Saporito, DVM

360 Vet Sales brokered the sale of my 2 clinics, one in 2020 and the other in 2021. He was amazing at making sure we had all of the things that the potential buyers needed, and he negotiated the best possible sale price for me. He went so far above and beyond for the buyers that they brought up how he was way better than other brokers that they had dealt with, which made the sales process significantly less stressful. In short, Matthew is outstanding and will do everything he can to get the best price for your practice.

Derrick Nelson, DVM

360 Vet Sales and Matt Arena were exactly what our family needed coming out of the pandemic. Matt made the process of selling our clinic easy, bringing us 5 solid offers within the first 30 days. There were no fees to discuss our options and find out what our practice was worth in the current market. 360 Vet Sales only collects a brokerage commission if your sale goes through, and it is the lowest rate you will find in the industry. We could not have asked for a better experience with our first veterinary practice sale!

Chad Moles, DVM

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